Server Rules

This page contains all rules that apply to the Genesis server.
If you have any queries relating to any of these rules please direct them to the relevant staff member preferably on Discord for the fastest resolution. You may also ask in CA Help or raise a support ticket.
Rules may be added at any time, new rules will always be announced on Discord.


  • Server Rules
  • Deed Rules
  • Event Rules
  • Unique Rules
  • Automation Definition
    • No trolling, harassing, griefing or use of racial or homophobic slurs will be tolerated.
    • No politics or real-world nonsense in public channels. We are a video game, not X or Tiktok.
    • Be respectful towards other players on the server
    • Do not advertise other servers in game or on Discord.
    • Players are allowed 1 deed per Steam ID.
    • All forms of automation are prohibited.
      Consequences for automation in any form will result in a permanent Steam ID and IP ban.
    • All client modifications are allowed except for those that provide automation.
    • Do not abuse exploits. If you suspect anyone of cheating or exploiting, write a support ticket with details.
    • Do not PM or ping (@) staff in-game or on Discord for support. Utilise CA-help or send in a support ticket in-game by typing /support. Staff will respond. If you have an issue with staff, please escalate your issue to Arch GM level and if you still feel it has not been resolved, escalate it to a Server Owner as a last resort. If you circumvent these steps, your issues will go unresolved.
    • You may PM anyone on leaderboards who is opted in for trading purposes. Those who are opted out should not be asked for a PM or bothered for trading unless they initiate contact first.
      Consequences: Warning, Temporary Mute, Permanent Mute.
    • Only one merchant per Steam ID in merchant stalls at the Genesis starter town. All additional merchants you want to place must be placed on your deed and linked via mailbox. See Mailbox Merchants to get this set up in Mod List:
    • All deeds are free and can be made with the provided deed stake in your inventory upon creating a character. There is no limitation to where you can deed and we will not enforce any policies about where you deed or where others can deed in relation to your deed.
    • All players are allowed one deed per Steam ID. If you have multiple people in the household playing on Genesis, they will require a separate copy of Wurm Unlimited on their Steam account to get around this issue. We make no exceptions. We can provide cheaper keys than the average price on Steam. Just join the Discord and ask for help if this is an issue. We do not obtain these keys illegally, but rather have purchased several from humble bundle sales.
    • The maximum deed size is 3721 tiles. To make this a perfect square, which is not required, you would input 30 North/South/East/West values. You are not required to utilize the maximum deed size. However, if you want to resize it later and it conflicts with another deed, we will not intervene to make the other player resize or move their deed to accomodate you. Those negotiations are between players.
    • The maximum permimter is 5 tiles which is provided by default. Players will leave the perimeter value at 0 while founding your deed. In the event we find the perimeter is beyond this, we will manually adjust it for you and you will be issued a warning.
    • Deed names and mottos must be in compliance with server rules. There are to be no Deed Names, Deed Mottos, Village Recruitment Ads with any form of prejudice or harassment. Any villages found with this will be disbanded and may result in a permanent server ban.
    • You may not use other characters in your village, other steam accounts, etc. to temporarily drop deeds to secure loot from disbanded deeds.
    • After 45 days of inactivty, deeds will be disbanded by a GM. All structures and vehicles will be deleted. All other items will be left for looting by other players. We will not change ownership, unlock containers, unsecure items, etc.
    • Inactivity is defined as: Player has not logged in within 45 days. We have monitoring tools to run a report for all deeds that meet this threshold.
    • There are only two exceptions to the 45 day rule. If you purchase a contributor package from the shop, you will be excluded from the 45 day rule entirely.
    • The only other exception is if there is a reasonable request made to a GM on Discord. We will not handle any requests for deed extensions via support tickets.
      We understand life issues come up, medical illnesses may prevent people from logging in, etc.
      However, in the interest of having a clean map, if you make a request to extend the deed disbandment date, there will need to be a valid reason, and a final date will be required and agreed upon between the GM and yourself that you will need to login by. We will try to accomodate all needs, but your request may be rejected if you have done this multiple times.
      Once that date has passed, regardless of playtime, the deed will be disbanded and follow the deed disbandment guidelines above.
  • Standard Event Rules:
    • Official events will be posted in Discord and on the Website with details. We have an events tab that is updated on player login with the most up to date event schedule, however it does not include event details or rules.
    • Only one character per Steam ID is allowed to attend an event. Alts are not permitted unless specifically allowed by the Event host.
    • For Events, we utilize the Local channel. Once you are at the event location, please switch over to Local and pay attention to the GM host’s instructions for the event.
    • All public events will have one solitary roll per player for all items.
    • To roll, you need to wait for the GM hosting the event to call for rolls, and then type /roll.
    • The highest roll will have first pick of the loot on the event if it is a roll based event, then this will continue down the list until all the loot is gone. If there is still more loot at the end of the list, we will go back to the top of the roll order to continue until all loot has been distributed.
    • In the event of a tie, the players who tied will re-roll for that position in the loot order.

    • The GM host of an official event may change any of the rules noted above including: amount of rolls, allowing alts to participate in the event and loot rolling, etc.

  • Unique Rules:
    • No wild unique has to be penned, or made a public slaying event. Players are allowed to group up in teams of whoever they choose to invite or exclude and kill a unique on their own time
    • Players cannot use alts to kill wild uniques. This means one character per player at any wild unique hunt.
    • Utilizing alts to kill uniques and/or putting them in local to receive extra bloods or items is a bannable offense
  • Automation Definition:

    Since Wurm Unlimited servers have various definitions of what is considered automation, we will define it here and the commonly used things that fall into this category.

    • WurmBot also known as ClientHelper/WurmHelper
    • G-Keys/M-Keys macros with or without delays
    • Auto clickers in any form
    • Macros utilizing any sort of third party scripts, software, hardware
    • Mods that allow more than one action to be sent with a single keybind including but not limited to Custom Actions or ImproveMod (This is a different mod than ImprovedImprove which is allowed)
    • AutoIt or AutoHotKeys and their scripts
    • Unattended key weighing or any variation of unattended play is considered automation as well

    Custom Actions Mod allowed functionality:
    1. You may keybind any action in the game with custom actions as a single keybind, single action that gains skill provided you use it on a hover basis.
    2. You may keybind chain actions that activate a slot and do one action. For example, binding multiple actions to activate a toolbelt and sending one skill gain action is allowed provided it is used on a hover basis.
    3. You may keybind chain actions that do not provide any skill gain at all. For example, disembarking and embarking on a cart.

    The following modifiers are considered automation for Custom Actions:

    • body
    • tool
    • selected
    • tile
    • tile_dir
    • area

    You can utilize improvedImprove. We are fully aware that this does not allow you to improve and repair at the same time. There is another version of this mod called ImproveMod which has been refined to improve ground items and improve and repair at the same time. ImprovedImprove is allowed. ImproveMod is not allowed.

    FishingBuddy is the only automation we do allow. The fishing overhaul was beneficial for some people who wanted more complex fishing. However, many players on Unlimited did not want this update. Therefore FishingBuddy, while it automates fishing, is allowed.

    The overall concept is one click or one button keybind per one action aside from the crafting menu. Queuing actions based on Mind Logic is perfectly acceptable. Any deviation from this whether you find a loophole outside of these definitions will be considered automation and you will be banned. These bans are permanent and applly to IP and Steam ID. You may appeal the ban, but do not expect a favorable outcome. If you do appeal a ban successfully, there may be conditions such as a total skill reset, partial skill reset, items being removed, etc.

    These definitions and guidelines, as with all other rules are subject to change at any time.