Complete Server Mod List

Click ‘Client Side Mods’ for a video tutorial on how to add mods to your game.
Without setting this up, you will be unable to see our custom items and we cannot help you without doing so.
There are optional mods also listed in the ‘Client Side Mods’ that you may find beneficial, but are not required to play on our server.

Client Side Mods

Client side mods are installed locally on your system.
The below video will guide you on how to install client mods.
Without client modlauncher, you will not be able to see custom items.
By default, following this video will enable you to see custom items.

Required Mods:

Optional Mods:

  • Custom Actions – Allows for custom keybindings that may not otherwise be allowed to be keybinded
  • Archeology Groups – Makes archeology fragment grouping inside of your inventory better than default
  • Compass – Replaces the behaviour of compasses and allows you to have a compass even if you do not have one in your inventory.
  • Custom Client Render – Allows you to use commands in the console to toggletrees togglegrass toggleweather togglesky toggleterrain togglecave togglewater toggleparticles – You can repeat the same code to bring back what you have removed and this is not saved on logout
  • Disable Tree Collision – Allows you to pass through trees rather than being colliding with them
  • Fishbuddy – Allows you to automate fishing and provides a better lore window for fishing. This is the only automation we allow.
  • FixVBO – Provides compatibility for some graphics cards that cannot render invisible creatures or see the white/black lights from the huge altars. This is not a guaranteed solution, but works well with newer graphics cards without changing compatibility settings.
  • ImprovedImprove – Allows you to place all of your items on the toolbar required to improve an item and just improve them at will without activating the item. Note: Items that use the same icon (leather/pelt) (carving knife/file) cannot be on the toolbar at the same time or it will not work.
  • Livemap – This is the standard minimap for WU. There are others, but I do not provide support for them. This is the mod I have you install in the video above.
  • Skill Gain Tracker – A comprehensive window that provides all information for skill gains down to very small decimals and gains per hour
  • Timelock – Allows you to enter in timelock hour in the console to change the time of day on your client
  • Max Toolbelt – Similar to compass, provides you with the maximum quality toolbelt regardless of the toolbelt you have equipped
  • Better Tooltips – Provides more information when hovering over items, tiles, and tile corners
  • WurmEsp – Provides outlines of players and creatures with various filters. Some prefer Scanner but I do not utilize it and will not support it for you

Server Mod List

This page lists all the server mods available for Genesis.
These are mods you do not install on your Client.
You may click them to reveal what each mod does and their configurations.


Enables the creation of kingdom wagons, banners, and flags not normally able to be crafted.


This mod adds additional custom items called: Temple, Huge Marble Altar, and Sacrifical Altar. These are primarily decorative.


Allows more customisation to the distribution and table for loot in the Archeology skill. Replaces the original Archeology journal system.


Allows modification of weapon and armour stats. See our Weapon Information tab for our unique server weapon stats.


Allows dirt gathered through digging, flattening, leveling, and dredging to be dropped on the ground rather than filling the player’s inventory. Facilitates the transfer of dirt into vehicles and crates, aiding in leveling activities. Offers customization options for actions from mounts and vehicles, including adjusting clay excavation quantities.


Adds the ability to cultivate, sow, farm, harvest, and replant in a area of effect (AOE) creating piles of crops.

Requirements for all area of effect actions:
– 3×3: Farming level 30
– 5×5: Farming level 50
– 7×7: Farming level 70

Planter Rack Abilities:
– Plant All – Gardening level 50
– Pick All – Gardening level 30

Adds the ability to mass plant and harvest planter racks. Enables planting in planters for additional items such as: nettles, sassafras, woad, cocoa bean, nutmeg, blueberry, lingonberry, raspberries and mushrooms.


Allows the player to receive coins and karma for burning corpses with a flint and steel.


Removes the restriction of hot items not being able to be placed into Bulk Storage Bins or Food Storage Bins. When hot items are transferred into these units, they will default to no temperature.


Allows togglable quality level sorted or unsorted bulk storage bins, food storage bins, bulk container units, and crates. Also allows for ‘fast transfer’ from these units bypassing the need to place them in your inventory while also ignoring inventory limits when transferring items between these containers.


Allows you to get more information on when the next farming chirp will happen for crop growth by using the commond /chirp in game.


A custom version of the Christmas Mod that allows us to give specific items during the Christmas event from Santa at the starter town. Our christmas period lasts until the end of December unlike vanilla settings.


Allows custom shoulder pauldrons to be crafted. These do not have any effect and are purely cosmetic at this time.


Increases the rate of speed in which creatures age from birth to adolescent age.


Prevents planted crops from overaging and turning into weeds. We do not add any extra harvest to crops.


Adds in a configurable NPC trader that can only be placed by GMs. Allows us to add a unique inventory to the trader for players to purchase items from.


Adds in additional decorational items to craft.


Controls the maximum size of deeds and the maximum number of guards available for players per Steam ID. Our settings are 61×61 or 3721 total tiles. Maximum 5 spirit templars per deed.


Disables Fog Spiders from spawning when the fog hits to reduce server lag for players. Fog Spiders exist as new creatures – “Forest Spiders” – and spawn in naturally like other creatures.


Our custom verison of Discord Relay server. Features include:
– All channels to be communicated to and from Discord
— Gl-Freedom, CA-Help, Trade
– Rumors of Uniques being posted to Discord when generated
– Titles sent to the Discord server when a player gains a Title
– Titan dialogue sent to the Discord server based on its health
– Deaths above 20 Fight Skill sent to the Discord server
– Deeds that are disbanded sent to the Discord server
– Damage Meter from rares, uniques, and titans sent to the Discord Server


Doubles the capacity for small and large crates from vanilla settings.


A complete overhaul of the vanilla combat engine. This allows for utilizing one-handed weapons in a dual-wielding fighting style to be effective and competitive to the standard Huge weapons.

Additionally changes rules regarding the combat order with dodging, blocking, parrying, etc. from vanilla combat engine.


Adds in a new item, the dyemaker, allowing players to make cutom RGB dyes to paint items with.


Allows for the quality level of chicken coop eggs to be configured in properties rather than limited to Chicken Coop quality. Eggs will be set to 99 quality level when utilizing Chicken Coops.


Allows GMs to create “Event Portals” so that players can teleport directly from their deed to the weekly event. Right click on a deed token and select teleport, works in reverse to go home.


Displays a message to indicate how long a forge, oven, etc has left to burn before needing to be refuelled. This is a custom version that aims to be more accurate than default versions installed on most servers, but still has inaccuracies from time to time.


Adds in a custom NPC trader that will buy fish caught by players for in game currency.


Allows automatic storage of caught fish and provides on-screen notifications for fish bites and spawns during rod and spear fishing. Improves spear fishing accuracy, enhances passive skill gain, and enables adjustment of fishing timers. Offers detailed reports on available fish species as lore skill progresses.


Adds in a fuel storage container that can be crafted and planted on the same tile as a forge, oven, etc to automatically re-fuel the fire source.

* This will only work on one tile with one instance of any furnace type. Attempting to place four forges and one fuel storage container will not fuel all four forges. The best fuel source for this is peat. At this time, the temperature to refuel the furnaces is not configurable.


A collection of additional server mods that are bundled into our server.
Some basic examples include:
– Emptying the trash bin by right-clicking it.
– Tweaks to the Journal system that actually allows for it to be completed.
– Utilities to fill recipes automatically by selecting the cooking source provided you have the materials.
– Spell modifications and additions outside of Spellcraft.
– Basic server tweaks to prevent client crashes from unexpected events.


During Halloween in October, this spawns gravestones all over the map and some halloween-themed creatures. You must defeat the creatures to investigate the gravestone and receive a trick or treat. Treats are halloween-themed items.


Tells you the seasons with an in game command – /seasons. Gives you information on what farmables are in season.


Adds in a new item: Hitching Post. Allows you to hitch up to three animals on a tile with the hitching post.


Allows control over hitching animals to carts/wagons, including options to hitch older non-domestic animals like greenish/champions and weaker animals. – Champion creatures of all ages can be hitched.
– Prevents pets becoming unhitched when charming/taming a new pet.
– Pacifies hitched creatures, preventing them from attacking while hitched.
– Prevents creatures that become too old to be hitched from becoming unhitched due to age. This does not include natural death from old age.


Allows for black light spells to be cast on our server. Fixes mycellium spread issues on servers.

Highway Portals (HWPortals)

Introduces player-craftable portals for teleporting between deeds on the same highway network. Players can craft an Inactive town portal using mortar and marble brick, then place and activate it on their deed. Teleportation to other villages with portals is permitted if the destination village has “Highway routing” enabled in settings, if the player is a citizen of the village, or if they have “pass gates” permission in the village.

Our server does not require ridiculous requirements like star gems to complete a highway portal. However, it does require normal gems. Please utilize the crafting window to see what the requirements are to create one.


A warning will appear in the event window for players who are breeding animals where they are closely related to each other to avoid bad traits.


Allows personal merchants to carry up to 100 items, eliminating the need for multiple personal merchants.


Adds a wardrobe and a larder model to act as magic chests for decorational purposes. These are non-craftable items.


Allows you to access all merchant stalls server wide from the comfort of any mailbox. You can buy items directly from the mailbox.

To place a merchant on your deed to be linked to the Merchant List via mailbox, you must:
– Build a Merchant Stall on your deed
– Place your merchant on that tile
– Place a mailbox and cast courier on it on the same tile as the merchant

Your personal merchant on your deed will now show up in the merchant list even if it is not in the starter town.


This mod overrides the default meditation system in Wurm.
– There are no cooldowns for meditation gains or question timers.
– Our meditation system (through WyvernMods) does not require 3×3 tiles.
Path of Love – Any grass tile
Path of Knowledge – Any sand tile
Path of Insantity – Any cave tile
Path of Power – Any rock tile
Path of Hate – Any mycelium tile
– Meditation Abilities have different cooldowns (through Wyvernmods).
Refresh: 8 hours
Enchant: 1 hour
Love Effect: 4 hours
Get Info (Creature): 4 hours
Get Info (Tile): 4 hours
Elemental Immunity: 6 hours
Erupt/Freeze: 8 hours
Trap Immunity: 4 hours
War Damage: 6 hours
Structure Damage: 4 hours
Fear Effect: 6 hours


Prevents any item placed in the inventory of the trader from decaying.


Adds in small versions of creatures that can be leashes and used as small pets. They will follow you around, or you can display them on deed.


Allows the gestation period for animal pregnancies to be modified. Gestation works at an increased rate than that of vanilla Wurm.


Allows a small chance at getting a piece of Moon Metal whilst performing regular mining actions.


Adds in additional cosmetic and decorational items to the game such as masks, various helmets, hats, as well as additional building decorations.


Allows server side alterations to base speed of animals.
– Player, horse, unicorn, and hell horse speed have all been buffed.
– All ship speeds have been significantly buffed and rely less on wind power.
– Horse and Wagon slope restrictions have been decreased.


Allows for precise placing of objects to the center of the tile.


Adds in one-way portals that take players to a set destination.


Overrides the error of building and settling on Holy Ground as well as ignoring hostile mob wait time.


Changes the surface mining requirements so that you only need to uncover one tile to surface mine that tile. 

We do not utilize any increased chance percentage of surface mining from this mod. That is handled by the Quarry spell.


Adds in 12 craftable decorational paintings and windows, also adds the ability to add custom images as paintings.

To have a custom image assigned, please request information on dimensions required and add it to the #suggestions channel with a link to the full size image.


Gain additional sprouts per picking action through natural picking.
– This does not apply to planters or AOE actions from betterfarm sprouts.


Adds in various large planters craftable by players which allow farming on otherwise unfarmable tiles, also works underground and in buildings.
Adds in tree and bush planters as well, all with unique models.

Planters can be harvested every 2 hours whether the type of tree, etc. is in season or not.

Note: If you utilize planters on multi-story housing, there will be conflicts with AOE farming and harvesting. This is not something we are interested in fixing. It is due to Wogic, not mod issues.


This mod generates Rift Trees, Rift Stones, and Rift Crystals randomly throughout the map. We do not utilize it to populate Rift creatures.


This mod is our personally written mod for Rifts. It works very similarly to WO Rifts, without the red mission progress bar. This is only used for events and is not set to spawn randomly at a designated time.
– You have to sacrifice hearts to proceed to the next stage of the rift.
– There are multiple waves that are configured without restart based on turnout from players.
– The final stage has a Rift Gatekeeper boss that has special abilities not found anywhere else in the game.


Adds “power – ” to the beginning of newly made healing cover names, so you no longer have to figure it out in your head.


Allows the custom map to be viewable in game by pressing M by default.


Sends model and texture packs to users clients if they have ClientModLauncher installed with the corresponding serverpacks mod.


Utilizing the command /servertime provides the Dedicated Server’s date and time.


This mod provides various settings for the server. There are not very many notable settings we utilize. Although we have a skill curve, we do not utilize the epic skill curve.
– You must have 65 Fighting, 30 Body Strength, or be a Priest to receive dragon loot.
– We have no fatigue system in place. It has been disabled.
– No cooldown on switching faith.


Adds in additional decoration items in the form of shop signs.


Concrete can be created with rock shards and clay rather than the default crafting materials.
Utilizing this creation method will provide Masonry skill rather than Natural Substances


Sand can be created with sandstone ore and a grindstone.


Spellcraft provides custom spells and other spell settings:
– Please refer to the Priest Information page for what spells belong to which Deities
– All custom spells are enabled except for phasing as we do not have PVP.
– Default Expand modifier
– Maximum Faith: 300
– Faith Requirement to become a Priest: 10.0
– No prayer cooldown
– Favor regeneration and faith gains are enabled for the modified max Faith
– Statuette tweaks are enabled:
— Quality level provides a small bonus to spell casts
— Rarity increases spell cast by 3 per rarity level
– No enchant decay system (within Spellcraft, natural power decay applies)
– No Rite spells are enabled on our server


This mod removes priest restrictions found in Vanilla Wurm.
This mod also removes faith cooldowns but spell customization is in Spellcraft.


Allows for creatures to be led, and then exchanged into an Animal Token.
Exchanging can be done from anywhere and there are no stablemasters on this server.
– Note: Taming an animal as a pet and exchanging it into a token does not override the concept that if you tame a new pet, your old pet will lose its taming status. At all times you can only have one pet. Therefore, when you redeem the previous pet token, it will no longer be a pet and may be hostile depending on the creature type.


Allows players to craft taxidermy kits to be used on corpses to create decorative corpses that can be animated with karma for your deed.
We utilize the default settings for this mod, and default karma costs for Animated Corpses.
Corpses of players will become Zombies, there is no functionality provided for the corpse of a player to retain its look or equipment.


Fixes many action timers that ignore the action time multiplier setting.


This mod adds in treasure maps, allowing the player to find maps through gameplay. When digging for treasure, mobs will ambuish the player. 
– Our server utilizes a custom written version of this mod.
– When a treasure map is obtained, it is renamed and can only be dug up by that player. There is no ownership change option.
– This does not mean you cannot trade them between players, but the owner of the map will never change.
– If you do not wish to participate in doing your own maps, they can be sold to the Buyer_Treasure maps merchant in Genesis.
– You must find your map’s location by utilizing the compass on the treasure map.
– Compasses of rarity will assist in providing coordinates based on rarity level rather than the default messages. The higher the rarity, the further away it will provide exact coordinates rather than default messages.
– To dig up a map, you do not dig the ground. If the location is on any tile other than rock, you activate a shovel and right-click the treasure map to dig for it. If it is on a rock tile, you activate a pickaxe and right-click the treasure map to dig for it.
– Once a treasure map is dug, creatures will ambush the player. All creatures must be defeated before the treasure chest is unlocked. If you have lost one of the ambushing creatures due to Fo or Libila passives, we may be able to assist in helping you locate the creature if a GM is available, just ask in CA Help. Otherwise the chest will remain locked. This is not a bug.


This mod hooks into Discord and provides real time updates of all uniques on the server. Players can utilize commands in the channel to notify where they have found a unique if they so choose to. It is not required to share this information.


This mod provides a very modest amount of coin and karma for voting for the server on The vote link is at the top of the page and will direct you to our server. Once you have voted, in-game you can type /vote to receive your compensation.
– Note: We do not administer the site for voting. Any issues with the site are due to the site’s restrictions. This includes that the same IP address cannot claim multiple votes. It is not based on SteamID and there is no functionality to change it. You must claim your vote the same day you vote for the server. Any previous votes will not be counted and saved for when you type /vote in-game.


Allows preserving food items using beeswax, Preserved food items are no longer edible or usable in recipes but turn into decorations instead. We have also added flowers to be waxed as decorational items.


Adds in windmills, sawmills and masonry mills to allow creating their respective products in bulk.
– Windmill: Provides flour, corn flour, mortar and concrete (requires clay)
– Sawmill: Provides various wooden items (requires wood)
– Masonry Mill: Provides bricks and slabs of the ore you utilize (requires ore)
– Note: Utilizing the creation of these items through the mills provides no skill gain. This is intended and just provides a way to mass produce items.


Wyvernmods serves as a base for many modifications and tweaks to a server. As such there is no point in listing them all out. The configuration file is over a thousand lines long. We utilize the base of Sindusk’s version, but have written in custom code for our purposes and fixed various issues.
– Provides custom creatures from Wyvern as well as ones written for Genesis
– We do not utilize any of the crystals or orbs
– This is what allows us to provide the skill curve
– We do not utilize the majority of the Arena module
– We have titans enabled for events only. There are no wandering titans.
– We have custom titans not created by Wyvern by default
– Bounties are set by the strength of the creature rather than a static value
– Additional loot rewards are given for uniques
– Creatures spawned in can have various traits assigned except for diseased, including NPC creatures like tower guards, spirit templars and merchants
– Affinity food has not been increased to 30%. Remains 10% increase.

For any suggestions on new mods you’d like to see added, please utilise the #suggesstions channel in Discord or submit a /support ticket in game. Additions of mods is at the discretion of Revelation.