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Story Master: GM Jenny

Genesis adventurers setting off on their journey.

This Dungeons & Dragons style event is an ongoing, episodic series where players are taken through the lands of Genesis on a 40-day journey from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep. Players will band together to face dungeon crawls, unique slayings, and will gain experience and “level up” their characters to receive awards. There are no level requirements to participate.

Episode 5 – Life on the Road

Baldur’s Gate
Aiding the noble merchant
Traversing the Trade Way

The fun continues on Sunday, March 26th at 11 am EST. The Dungeon Master will begin calculating the parties’ experience now that the journey to Waterdeep begins in earnest. All players are welcome to join the campaign, even if they have missed previous episodes.

Bonus Event: TBA

Continuing at the end of April. TBA

Episode 4 – The Harpers and the Order of the Gauntlet

Ontharr Frume, Order of the Gauntlet
The Horse Race Track

You traveled to Elturel to rendezvous with monk Leosin Erlanthar (member of the Harpers) and Ontharr Frume (a paladin of Order of the Gauntlet) so you could report the activities of the Cult of the Dragon. Players in the last adventure were offered membership into either the Harpers or Order of the Gauntlet. You were instructed by the monk and Ontharr Frume to travel to the city Baldur’s Gate. Once in Baldur’s Gate, you were to try and get hired on as guards to follow the cultist and the treasure they are carrying from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep. It is a 40 day journey to Waterdeep. The cult of the dragon will be tagging along with a merchant caravan that is also heading north to Waterdeep. There are many dangers on the road…

Bonus Event: Pie Contest

The next event after Episode 4 was a pie making contest where players were acting as either members of the Harpers or the Order of the Gauntlet to make pies for the party members that were preparing to make the 40 day journey between Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep. Pies were sent to the Hoard of the Dragon Queen players for them to eat.

Episode 3 – The Dragon Hatchery

Entrance to the Dragon Hatchery
Inside the Dragon Hachery
Map of Dragon Hatchery Cave

Episode 3 was a dungeon crawl through the cave found in the back of the cult’s camp in Episode 2. In the cave, you discovered dragon eggs and decided to keep them.

Episode 2 – The Cult of the Dragon’s Camp

Cult of the Dragon Camp
Map of the Camp

You tracked the Cult of the Dragon to their camp. Sneaking around the camp, you discovered some of the mid-level leaders of the cult. You also learned that the Cult of the Dragon has been attacking several towns up and down the Sword Coast looting treasure. You also found a map in one of the tents showing where they plan to take the treasure next. Last, at the back of the camp, you discovered a cave.

Episode 1 – The Town of Greenest

You saved the town of Greenest from a dragon attack and the Cult of the Dragon trying to loot all of the treasure there.